Case Number: 10-RD-332479 Date Filed: 12/26/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 15   Location: Greensboro, NC Region Assigned: Region 10, Atlanta, Georgia  Unit Sought: Included: All full-time and regular part-time Road Supervisors and Dispatchers at  the Employer’s Greensboro, North Carolina facility.  Excluded: All other employees, Lead Dispatch Supervisors, Training Supervisors,  office clerical employees, guards, and supervisors as defined by the Act  Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 1493  

HIS Innovations Group 

 Case Number: 19-RC-332502 Date Filed: 12/26/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 10   Location: Hillsboro, OR Region Assigned: Region 19, Seattle, Washington  Unit Sought: Included:  All regular full-time and part-time metal pipe welders in the spool  department who work at the Employer’s Hillsboro location. Excluded: All  other employees (including but not limited to plastic welders, metal  frame welders in the frame department, other metal structural welders,  and robotic welding programmers and operators) who work at the  Employer’s Hillsboro and Portland locations, office clerical employees,  managers, guard, and supervisors as defined in the Act. Union   

CBD Kratom 

 Case Number: 14-RC-332475 Date Filed: 12/22/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 4   Location: Saint Louis, MO Region Assigned: Region 14, Saint Louis, Missouri  Unit Sought: Included: Sales Associates and Assistant Store Manager. Excluded: Store Manager, office personnel, security. Union     

Truly Original 

 Case Number: 02-RM-332465 Date Filed: 12/22/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 7   Location: Manhattan, NY Region Assigned: Region 02, New York, New York  Unit Sought: Included:  All full-time and regular part-time Production Accountants; Production  Accountant, Assistants; Production Manager, Accounting; Production  Assistant, Accounting; and Payroll Coordinators.   Excluded: All mangers, supervisors, confidential employees, guards and  all other employees Union 

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