Legacy Clinics LLC dba Legacy Medical Group – Women’s Division 

 Case Number: 19-RC-332581 Date Filed: 12/27/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 17   Location: Portland, OR Region Assigned: Region 19, Seattle, Washington  Unit Sought: Included:  All full-time, part-time, Per Diem (supplementals) and lead physicians,  in the following positions: Perinatologist, Gynolgogyist, and  Obstetricians the following locations: Maternal-Fetal Medicine at  Emanuel, 300 N. Graham, Suite 100 Medical Office Building 3, Legacy  Emanuel Medical Center campus, Portland, OR, 97227-1667, Maternal-Fetal  Medicine at Mount Hood, 24850 S.E. Stark St., Suite 150, Legacy Mount  Hood Medical Center, Medical Office Building 2 Gresham, OR, 97030,  Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Silverton, 454 Welch St., Medical Office  Building 1 Silverton, OR, 97381-1934, Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Salmon  Creek, 2101 N.E. 139th St., Suite 260, Medical Office Building B, Legacy  Salmon Creek Medical Center campus Vancouver, WA, 98686-2311, Mount  Hood Women’s Health, 24850 S.E. Stark St., Suite 200, Medical Office  Building 2, Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center, Gresham, OR, 97030,  Women’s Health at Silverton, 406 Welch St., Silverton, OR, 97381,  Women’s Health in Keizer, 5685 Inland Shores Way N Keizer, OR,  97303-3794, Portland Obstetrics and Gynecology at Good Samaritan, 1130  N.W. 22nd Ave., Suite 120, Building 3, Legacy Good Samaritan Medical  Center campus, Portland, OR, 97210-2934 Excluded: supervisors  Pacific Northwest Hospital Medicine Association  

Duke Raleigh Hospital/Duke University Health System 

 Case Number: 10-RC-332574 Date Filed: 12/27/2023 Status: Open No Employees: 24   Location: Raleigh, NC Region Assigned: Region 10, Atlanta, Georgia  Unit Sought: Included:  All skilled maintenance employees employed at Duke Raleigh Hospital,  including but not limited to carpenters, painters, plumbers, plant  operators, HVAC mechanics, zone mechanics, and locksmiths. Excluded: All other employees including managers and supervisors as  defined by the Act Union  

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